Quantum Space

When an electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom moves to a higher energy level, scientists say it has made a quantum leap. A quantum leap is, in fact, a leap in evolution. A leap from a limited present into a future full of possibilities.

After the success of Neorama Office & Living Space and following an extensive accumulation process, Tecton Trust launches the Quantum Space project, challenging you to take a leap into the future, into a space where everything you imagine becomes possible.


Quantum Space will materialize starting 2023, in Brașov, on str. Ionescu Crum, at nr. 6. 

GPS coordinates (click to open in Google Maps): 
45.63509136983483, 25.63796621500407


  • Smart Home Ready;
  • 400 sqm coworking space;
  • 2,500 sqm of configurable offices;
  • 29 apartments;
  • multi-purpose lobby;
  • commercial showroom;
  • bistro restaurant;
  • underground storage spaces;
  • 83 car parking spaces (70 underground);
  • 61 bicycle parking spaces.

Check out the interactive floor plans.

Modern Living Spaces

  • Floor-to-ceiling glass facades with shading elements;
  • Intelligent climate control system, floor heating, ceiling cooling;
  • Intelligent monitoring and access;
  • High-speed elevator.

Check out the interactive floor plans.

Smart Home Ready

The home of the future is a smart one, allowing remote control of appliances, thermostats, lights and other devices by using a smartphone or a tablet via an internet connection.

Quantum Space technology will bring more comfort at home, at lower costs.

Multipurpose Lobby

  • Reception;
  • Lounge;
  • Special events;
  • Exhibition.

Check out the interactive floor plans.

Bistro Restaurant

You’ll be able to have a meal right next to your office or apartment, in an intimate and relaxing setting.

The bistro restaurant in Quantum Space is set on two levels, while the food and service will be set on only one level: the highest.

Check out the interactive floor plans.

Commercial Showroom

A generous space for the businesses of the future. A multi-purpose space that fits your business.

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Coworking Space

Working from home presents an advantage up to a point. From that point on, when you want to perform and need appropriate resources, you would consider moving to a different space.

Quantum Coworking Space provides you with state-of-the-art resources, so you can get your work done in optimal conditions, without the burden of owning an expensive office space.

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Configurable Offices

  • Reception and access control;
  • 2 high-speed lifts;
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass facade;
  • Floating floor;
  • Air conditioning.

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Underground Parking Space

  • H = 2.35 m;
  • Electric vehicle charging;
  • Ventilation, smoke extraction;
  • LPG detection.

Check out the interactive floor plans.